How many curtain panels do I need?

Use this handy chart to determine the number of panels you need based on the width of your window.

When comparing fabrics, what does 'gsm' mean?

The GSM of fabric stands for grams per square meter, a unit of measurement that describes the weight and density of a piece of material. This unit of measurement is commonly used to classify certain types of fabric like cotton, linen and silk. In general 'gsm' of 30-150 is "lightweight"; 150-350 falls in the "medium-weight" and anything over 350 is considered heavyweight.

What is chenille fabric, and why is it ideal for curtains?

Chenille fabric is known for its soft, fuzzy texture, making it perfect for curtains as it adds warmth and elegance to any space.

Do your curtains require any special care or maintenance?

To maintain the luxurious appearance of your custom curtains,
we recommend gentle vacuuming or brushing to remove dust and debris.