At a glance...

  • Choose from five luxurious fabrics
  • Zip opening for easy swap out or cleaning
  • Supplied with or without insert
  • Handmade to order
  • Sustainably printed on both sides


  • Small square pillow: 12" sq.
  • Small square pillow: 16" sq. - 7.8 oz
  • Large square pillow: 20" sq. - 12 oz
  • Largest square pillow: 24"
  • Medium rectangle pillow: 20x14"
  • Large rectangle pillow: 22x16" - 19.8 oz

About our Luxury Cushions

Our luxury cushions are a chic addition to lounge areas, window displays and any other space that needs some color. Pick from six sizes with a choice of either duck feather or ploy pad insert. Each cushion can be made from your choice of five, soft, high-quality fabrics, allowing you to obtain the dreamiest custom pillows for your space.

In addition, some designs feature a 3mm-wide strip of satin piping in your choice of five color options.