Archway Brushed Twill

100% polyester

Archway is a slightly opaque fabric, whose textured spun poly-based yarns are woven into a tight solid twill surface. A plain weave is used for this fabric, and the outcome is a brushed face surface which provides a subtle grain to the fabric. This subtle grain is also known as a diamond twill.

Cotton Linen

95% cotton 5% linen

Our natural Cotton Linen fabric, also known as union fabrics, is made from a blend of Cotton and Linen natural plant fibers. This blend uses a plain weave construct with slub yarns in the weft to give a bit of personality and texture. Our Printed Cotton Linen fabric weighs 6.7oz, is smooth to the touch, and has a solid opaque body.

Mayfair Herringbone

100% polyester

Mayfair Herringbone is a woven, poly-blend fabric which has a soft, cotton feel. The Mayfair is a herringbone textile, with a tight closed weave made of textured spun polyester yarns. The fabric is a medium weight material weighing 7.9oz.

Velvet Shimmer

100% polyester

Velvet Shimmer fabric is a brushed faux velvet, the poly creating a shimmer effect. Constructed using spun fibers in a plain weave construct, produces the brushed face effect. It has a weight of 10.9oz, with a tight weave, and a short dense pile. The Pile runs smooth top to bottom, with excellent recovery. The Shimmer Velvet Fabric is extra durable due to its tough hessian back.

Soft Velvet

100% polyester

Our Soft Velvet fabric is so soft and smooth, you will never want to stop stroking it. The characteristically short and dense pile gives this fabric the typical velvet handle, but with added softness.