Welcome to Aubergine Designs, a distinctive online store for home and lifestyle products. We believe in infusing beauty, color, and inspiration into your daily life. Our ethos is rooted in exploration and innovation, offering unique items that support self-expression and embrace creativity.

Utilizing a print-on-demand model, we prioritize sustainability by minimizing waste and avoiding the need for large inventories. This approach allows us to experiment freely, even if only a few of our designs find their way into your home, turning your purchase into a treasured piece from a limited-edition collection.

Each item is meticulously crafted to order, using only the finest materials and sustainable printing practices. We have partnered with trusted fulfillment experts who share our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every piece meets our high standards.

Our Founder

Hello, I'm Amberlee, the founder of Aubergine Designs. Thank you for joining us on this journey. I draw inspiration from my profound love for nature and a fascination with modern innovations. I strive to fuse art, science, creativity, and technology elements in my creations and I hope you enjoy this unique blend. As a small business, we sincerely appreciate your support. It is our hope that our creations brighten your everyday moments, ignite your curiosity, and bring beauty and inspiration to your life.