Intralinks Product: Asynchronous Multi-file Upload
Visual Project Board (Intralinks UX Team)
Product Vision: Intralinks Messaging
Intralinks UX Team: What is Your Why?
Intralinks Dealnexus: Visual Uplift & Re-brand
Intralinks VIA & Dealmanager: Global Groups
Intralinks Dealnexus: Improved Registration
Intralinks Dealnexus: Inline Edit
Intralinks Dealnexus: iOS Mobile App
UX & IxD Process and Artifacts
Accolades and Awards
Intralinks Dealnexus: Mobile iOS - "Browsing" Search
LinkedIn - Polls in Groups
Intralinks Product: Dynamic Filter - Academic Admissions Application
Intralinks Dealnexus: Improved Account Page
LinkedIn Recruiter Training: Microsite
HTML emails: LinkedIn
NetApp Re-brand: Marketing Intranet & WWW Visual Design
NetApp: Intranet Style Guide
Interactive Holiday Card: Pillsbury Law
Collateral: Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman LLP
Intralinks: Pattern & Style Guide (Concept)
Stanford University: Brand Refresh
LinkedIn: Environmental & Directional - Holiday Party
HTML emails: Pillsbury Law
LinkedIn: Large Format Photo Retouching
Cleantech Group, LLC: HTML Weekly Newsletter
LinkedIn: Ad Formats
e-mail & Landing Page: Borland Speaker Series
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