Pet bed - Ikat Fusion | Butterscotch
Pet bed - Ikat Fusion | Butterscotch
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  • Custom-made to order
  • Sustainably printed
  • Crisp, edge-to-edge print on high quality fabrics
  • Fire rated inner lining
  • Ships in 2 - 3 days

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The fusion of traditional Ikat motifs with a contemporary color palette creates a collection that is not only beautiful, but versatile and timeless.

At a glance...

  • Durable canvas fabric with a waterproof base
  • Removable cover for washing
  • 3.14" thick wadding
  • Available in 4 sizes for all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats
  • Comfy for your pet


  • Small 15.74" x 11.81"
  • Medium 23.62" x 15.74"
  • Large 35.43" x 27.56"
  • Grand 41.33" x 31.49"
  • 440 g approx

About our Pet Beds

Our luxury custom-made pet beds are the perfect place for your pet to 
snooze and relax. Only the best fabrics will do when it comes to your pet, and we've combined practicality with comfort. We use a tough, durable canvas that is also soft to touch, and a waterproof base to help protect your flooring. The face of each bed is printed using a specialist process that fuses the inks deep into the fabric fibers, so the design is permanent and won't fade away or rub off. The bed is stuffed with 3.14" thick insulating wadding to provide your pet with a plump cushion to relax on. Hand sewn together by our expert seamstresses, complete with a zipper so you can put the cover in the washing machine, the finish is impeccable.

    To protect your floor, sofa or bed, the base of your pet bed is lined with a waterproof fabric, that helps soak up any spillages. This also means it can be used outside, preventing any water creeping up the bed.

    Rinse or hose down the bed, but for a more thorough clean, the cover can be removed machine washed at 30°c and dried flat. Once dry, insert the wadding pad back in.

    • Remove cover and wash at 86°F (30°C)
    • Dry flat
    • Once dry, re-insert pad


    Our custom printed canvas fabric is a poly-based tightly woven fabric, using a plain closed weave construct. A fabric which we value for its solid build and durability.

    • 100% polyester
    • Sublimation inks
    • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Ink
    • 8.85oz

    How many sizes are there?

    Our pet beds come in 4 sizes, one to suit each type of breed, from miniature toy breeds to large giant breeds. The small and medium sizes are good for kittens and cats.

    Is my pet bed waterproof?

    The base is lined with waterproof fabric, so it's ideal for use in an outhouse or for soaking up little accidents when they happen. The canvas can be washed down and left to dry.

    Will the print fade with use?

    We use a specialist, highly technical printing process that binds the ink deep into the fabric fibers. This ensures the design is permanent and won't fade with use or washing.

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