Drum Lamp Shade - LofÍa | Guava
Drum Lamp Shade - LofÍa | Guava
Drum Lamp Shade - LofÍa | Guava
Drum Lamp Shade - LofÍa | Guava
Drum Lamp Shade - LofÍa | Guava
Drum Lamp Shade - LofÍa | Guava
Drum Lamp Shade - LofÍa | Guava
Drum Lamp Shade - LofÍa | Guava
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  • Custom-made to order
  • Sustainably printed
  • Crisp, edge-to-edge print on high quality fabrics
  • Fire rated inner lining
  • Ships in 2 - 3 days

Pairs well with

Inspired by a Greek ornament, Lofia has a natural, hand drawn feel and enriched with a slubbed-cotton printed texture to add timeless elegance to any space.

At a glance...

  • 3 fabric choices
  • 4 sizes available
  • Choose from ceiling or table mounting
  • Fire-rated inner lining
  • Handmade to order
  • Sustainably printed edge-to-edge

Sizes (diameter x height)

  • Small round: 7.87" diameter x 7.28"
  • Medium round: 11.81" diameter x 8.66"
  • Large round: 15.74" diameter x 9.84”

  • Oval: 11.81" diameter x 8.26" x 7.87"

About our Custom Lamp Shades

our custom-made lamp shades for the ceiling or table are a fabulous piece of decor to brighten up any room. Beautifully handmade, all our custom shade fabric choices are semi-translucent and slightly textured, producing an atmospheric glow, where the designs take on an ethereal aesthetic. Each shade features a fire-rated inner lining, so they’re practical and safe as well as stunning to look at. Choose from 4 sizes depending on the space you're looking to transform, or create a whole set and give your light bulbs a makeover.

  • Regularly dry dust or
  • Lightly vacuum with upholstery attachment
As with any electrical appliance, keep liquids away from the bulb and plug socket to avoid accidents.

    Standard Plain Weave

    Standard plain weave fabric with a lightly textured canvas like surface.

    Luxury Soft Touch Velvet

    Elegant, stylish and utterly sumptuous short piled Soft Velvet.

    Bedford Linen Look

    Linen-look rustic fabric with slub weaves and surface detail.

    What light fittings does my lamp shade fit?

    The fitting rings on your custom lamp shades fit standard light fittings. When installing a bulb into the lampshade, make sure the light switch is turned off so you don't burn your hand.

    What is the maximum wattage?

    For the smaller custom-made lamp shades (7.87" round and oval) the maximum wattage is 40w bulb.

    For the other sizes, it's safe to use 60w-100w bulbs, but energy saving bulbs are better for the environment.

    Is a bulb included?

    Your lamp shades don't come with a bulb included, as it could easily be smashed during the delivery process and cause potential danger to the person who opens the package.

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